October 4, 2018 by David Westberry

Off-Highway Mobile Equipment Fluid Guide

This is a great resource to help diffuse some of the confusion surrounding which hydraulic oil works best for your equipment. Click the link below to learn more. Off-Highway Mobile Equipment Fluid Guide  

September 17, 2018 by David Westberry

Customer Appreciation Golf Tournament 2018

Fairways and greens…. aaaannnnd maybe a few roughs too – that’s where our customers found themselves yesterday as they played in the 22nd Annual Stockman Oil Customer AppreciationĀ  Golf Tournament at the Greenwood Country Club. This year’s tournament benefited the Semper Fi Fund, which “is dedicated to providing urgently needed resources and support for post…

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January 17, 2018 by David Westberry

How to Safely Jump Start your Car

Cold Weather and your Car Battery: Cold weather can adversely affect your car battery. Your car’s battery has a set cold cranking amp output. The lower CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) output, the more likely the battery will not produce enough amps to start your car. Cold batteries retain their charge better than warm batteries, but…

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January 9, 2018 by David Westberry

The Mechanical Stability of Grease

Many types of grease look similar when new, but perform differently when in service. High quality greases maintain their consistency longer than low quality greases. In the video above, Shannon demonstrates this point. Two greases that look similar when new are placed in a lab blender to simulate the shearing that takes place inside a…

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January 3, 2018 by David Westberry

Congratulations to Stockman Oil – Athens

We are so pleased to share that our Athens location took the top spot for the Northeast Georgia Food Bank Food Drive by collecting over 11,438 points which will provide 9,569 meals for the hungry. Congratulations to Jessi and her team at Stockman Oil – Athens!

January 3, 2018 by David Westberry

Start the New Year off Right!

November 28, 2017 by David Westberry

Choosing the Correct Grease for your Equipment

It’s important to choose the correct grease for different types of equipment. One grease does not fit all equipment, just like the tire of a truck does not fit on a car. The concept is the same. Different equipment has different operating conditions. The most important step in this decision process is choosing the right…

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November 15, 2017 by David Westberry

The Service Pro Filter and Wiper Blade App

This is a pretty awesome tool for anyone who is interested in finding out what filter or wiper blade fits a vehicle. The VIN search tool is really cool too! FYI the bar code to scan is usually inside the driver door. Below are the QR codes for both Apple and Android devices. You can…

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November 7, 2017 by David Westberry

Get Superior Wear Protection with Shell Tellus S2 MX and VX

Wear protection despite harsh elements and heavy use.

October 30, 2017 by David Westberry

Gadus Naming Conventions

Confused by the names of Shell Gadus greases? We are here to help! Learn how to read the naming conventions used by Shell on their Gadus greases. It’s actually pretty simple as you will see in the video below.

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